The Truth About Unclaimed Savings Bonds

Jason Garcia
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Posted: April 1, 2023

​​Savings bonds are a type of investment product issued by the US government. You’re lending the government money to earn interest over time. They offer a low-risk investment option with a guaranteed return. This makes them, making them a popular choice if you prioritize safety over high returns. But what if you have unclaimed savings bonds in your family?

Types of Savings Bonds

First, let’s talk about the different bonds you can purchase. There are two types of savings bonds: Series EE bonds and Series I bonds. Series EE bonds are fixed-rate bonds that earn interest for up to 30 years. They are typically purchased at a discount to their face value and are redeemed at their full face value when they mature. Series I bonds are inflation-adjusted bonds. They earn interest based on a combination of a fixed rate and an inflation rate. These bonds are typically purchased at their face value and can be redeemed after one year.

Savings bonds are a popular way for individuals to save money for long-term financial goals. Think retirement, education, or a down payment on a home. For example, let’s say you want to save money for your child’s education. You might purchase a combination of Series EE and Series I savings bonds to grow your savings over time. As the bonds mature, you receive the principal amount plus any interest earned. You could use this to pay for your child’s education expenses.

Reasons Behind Unclaimed Savings Bonds

Savings bonds can also be used to build an emergency fund or finance other long-term financial goals. They offer a safe and reliable investment but can also go unclaimed for various reasons. One common reason is that individuals may forget about the bonds or misplace the physical bond certificates. In some cases, individuals may have inherited savings bonds from a family member and may not be aware of their existence. There may also be unclaimed savings bonds if the bond owner passes away and their heirs are unaware of their existence. In this case, the bonds may remain unclaimed until the heirs are made aware and claim them.

Search For Unclaimed Savings Bonds

It’s important for individuals to keep track and to make sure their family knows about them. If you believe you have unclaimed savings bonds, you can check with the US Treasury Department’s Bureau of the Fiscal Service to see if any bonds have matured or are no longer earning interest. You can do this by using the Treasury Hunt tool on their website. This allows you to search for unclaimed savings bonds using your Social Security number. You can also submit a claim for lost, stolen, or destroyed bonds through the Treasury Department’s website.

Savings bonds are a safe and reliable investment option to help Americans save money for long-term financial goals. They offer a low-risk investment option with a guaranteed return but you have to keep track of them to prevent them from becoming unclaimed savings bonds.  If you believe you or your family has unclaimed savings bonds, check with the US Treasury Department’s Bureau of the Fiscal Service to see if any bonds have matured.


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