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US Savings Bonds

To get information about unclaimed savings bonds visit the US Treasury website.

For information on Unclaimed tax refunds, please visit:

For information on Unclaimed tax refunds, please visit:

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation

To check on unclaimed pensions and retirement accounts visit:

Department of Housing and Urban Development

Unclaimed refunds for mortgage insurance can be searched at this site:

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

This site contains unclaimed funds for insured deposits or for unclaimed dividend checks : 

Canadian Bank Accounts

Search for unclaimed accounts in Canada: ucbs

Accounts In British Columbia

Search for unclaimed accounts in British Columbia:

Unclaimed Veterans Life Insurance Policies

Search for unclaimed policies belonging to Vets and their heirs:

Department of Veterans Affairs

Information on VA education benefits: 

Unclaimed Swiss Bank Accounts

For unclaimed Swiss bank accounts visit: 

Unclaimed Property Australia

Search for unclaimed accounts in Australia:

Unclaimed Property United Kingdom

Search for unclaimed property in the UK:

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