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Unclaimed Money Discovery is the world’s leading Asset Recovery firm and is accredited with the Better Business Bureau. We are also the only firm with membership in both the Association of Professional Genealogists and the International Association For Asset Recovery.

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Better Business Bureau
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Our whole business is finding lost money for people just like you. So why use a pro if you can do it yourself? Well, if you want your taxes done properly, you hire an accountant, right? And if you want your unclaimed money search done properly, you hire someone with experience. Computers miss things. We don’t. We know where to look and how to get the best possible results. You see, unlike the online services that simply sell you monthly access to compiled government lists (lists which are free to research on your own), we are full-service money detectives. We assign a professional asset recovery agent to your case and prepare a detailed unclaimed money profile. Remember, lost money is lost for a reason and locating all of it requires more than just a quick search. Your assigned expert will map out your relatives (genealogy), past addresses, work history and absolutely every piece of information that might lead to the discovery of unclaimed cash and other assets that could be hiding with any number of different state, federal and private agencies under any number of different names.

Unclaimed Money Discovery is one of the nation’s leading Lost Asset Investigation & Recovery Firms with a staff of over 100 highly skilled asset investigators, genealogists, researchers and account executives. We are proud members of both The Association Of Professional Genealogists & The International Association For Asset Recovery, and we are an Accredited member of The Better Business Bureau. Over the years, we have developed specialized techniques in Asset Recovery that have resulted in an unsurpassed track record of success.

Our approach to Asset Recovery is 360 degrees. We utilize a proprietary Asset Recovery Tracking System that compiles and constantly analyzes genealogy, geographic and personal data. And since you never know when new undiscovered assets may show up, we’ll keep checking all the state, federal and private databases on a monthly basis.

We pride ourselves on providing a valuable service at a reasonable price. Unlike data services that simply provide access to readily available and free public information, a true Asset Recovery Firm must roll up their sleeves and investigate each case on an individual basis. We treat each client with the same amount of care, regardless of the ultimate value of their claim. We can do this because, unlike most Asset Recovery Firms, we are not commission based. We do not take a large portion of your recovered assets. Once we confirm a positive match in our comprehensive database, you can either choose to do the more detailed search and recovery of lost assets yourself, or hire us to do it for you. Our basic fee is just $29.95 and includes building a complete family tree, detailed searches of all available public and private databases, and completion of any applicable claim forms. And, with our personalized service, you’ll be able to speak one- on-one with a professional lost asset investigator who will answer any questions you might have.

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