Unclaimed Money

What is it & How Does it Work?


Unclaimed Money consists of lost assets that eventually make their way back to the State and Federal government for safe-keeping. When you move, change jobs, or when relatives pass away, assets can easily become lost.

These assets include stocks, bonds, dividends, real property, tax refunds, pay checks, interest payments, social security checks and dozens of other sources. When owners of these assets lose touch with the institution or business that oversee them, the law requires that the assets be turned over to appropriate state or federal agency, where they sit until the rightful owners come forward and make a claim. There are presently billions of dollars in unclaimed money waiting to be claimed.


We offer your initial search for free. This is a real asset search. Unlike other websites that provide an “instant” search of the free state databases, we provide you with a complimentary customized search, done a by an accredited asset investigator.
If your results are positive, you can either continue to perform a detailed do-it-yourself search for free or hire us to perform a comprehensive genealogy search and do all the work for you. Right down to completing all that time-consuming government paperwork required to get your cash back. We don’t take a hefty commission like our competitors do. We work on a low flat-fee basis, so you get to keep all the assets that might be out there waiting for you.


Statistics show that most people simply don’t make the effort to track down their unclaimed money. Although the do-it-yourself method is great if you’ve got the time, it’s of little use if you don’t actually follow through.

The experts at Unclaimed Money Discovery not only have the time, they have the experience to do the best job possible. And for the same reason you hire that expert to prepare your taxes every year, you’ll want an expert asset detective tracking down all the lost cash and property that might be yours. It’s pretty simple: experts do a better job and they get the job done. Don’t wait another minute. Call us today at 800-950-0026!

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