Stimulus In The Form Of Unclaimed Money

Jason Garcia
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Posted: October 22, 2021

Many are in need and experiencing financial uncertainty, even with government stimulus programs. While families, businesses, and state governments rightfully tend to their health and safety, financial matters sometimes fall by the wayside. The United States has 8 million Americans out of work. There are rays of hope from many corners, it’s always best to explore every avenue in a crisis. As famous investor Warren Buffet says: ‘always have more than one stream of revenue.’ If you or a loved one have lost your job or experienced periods of unemployment during this global crisis, you may want to consider searching for unclaimed money as a source of stimulus.

An Unclaimed Money Find Can Mean Much-Needed Financial Breathing Room

Billions of dollars are left unclaimed in state treasuries, trusts, and other repositories every year. Money is waiting to be claimed by its rightful owners, most of whom aren’t even aware it’s there. Even a carefully organized budget can be thrown off by a momentary lapse in employment or transportation. Some barely break even with state unemployment. An unclaimed money find can mean much-needed financial breathing room. Money reclaimed from a state treasury can become a nest egg for future troubles. It can pay down current debt as well. If you’ve recently lost a job or have parted with an employer in the past, unclaimed money can be the silver lining to an otherwise dark cloud.

Billions of dollars in retirement savings are left unclaimed every year. If you have changed jobs in the last decade or recently lost one due to current circumstances, you may be among the millions who have unknowingly abandoned a 401K. It may seem strange that someone would lose track of something as important as savings but, according to the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators, in 2015, Americans lost track of more than 7.7 billion in retirement savings.

Got Your Stimulus Check, What About Your Paycheck?

A worker can get swept up in the transition between jobs and forget their savings. Sometimes a job transition is unexpected and calls for dealing with other matters first. Clerical changes can tie up savings because companies don’t use the same bank or brokerage for all accounts. Finally, many people don’t manage investments directly, making it easy to lose track or forget about them. The good news is even if an old employee changes contact information or their 401K is terminated, accrued savings may still belong to them. You owe it to yourself to look into reclaiming funds owed to you.

Finding unclaimed money from a job transition or many other sources can be a crucial step toward investing in yourself. Just as important as a monthly budget, paying down debt, and maintenance of health and home. Search for your unclaimed money and find the stimulus check you need today.


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