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Posted: June 1, 2023

Ok, let me take you back to the good old days, my friend. Picture me with slimmer, slightly more hair, and two shirt sizes smaller. I learned about unclaimed money years ago. I must have been intrigued because 30 years later, I’m still a money finder! This journey with a sense of adventure and a nose for hidden treasures. One day, while diving into the abyss of forgotten assets, I stumbled upon a true gem— an unclaimed bank account that had been untouched for decades.

An Unexpected Windfall

The bank account was a small goldmine, holding an unexpected windfall of over $2,600. I swiftly tracked down the rightful owner, a lovely woman named Margaret. When I broke the news to her, she was in utter disbelief. The sheer joy in her voice was music to my ears. 

Apparently, she was retired and living on a fixed income but had always dreamed of going on a Carribean Cruise with her husband of 43 years. Life’s circumstances continued to push that dream to the back burner. She had no idea there was an unclaimed money finder about to call and make her dream a reality. After everything was said and done, Margaret whisked her husband away on their very first cruise. A Carribean adventure, where they created lasting memories. 

More Good News

But the story doesn’t end there. Margaret recommended me to a family friend and we were able to find unclaimed money for them too! I called her to thank her for the referral and she said the cruise was everything she’d hoped it would be. The cherry on top was that they had enough unclaimed funds to replace the barbecue grill. The only “kitchen” device her Husband uses! We laughed and she extended an invite to their next barbecue.

Unclaimed money can have an immense impact on individuals and their families. Moments like these are a good reminder. They’re also why I’ve been at least a part-time money finder my entire career. There’s nothing like the joy, relief, and opportunities that come from returning money to its rightful owner.  

So, my friend, remember that the world of unclaimed money is full of surprises and life-changing moments. Who knows what kind of adventure may await you?


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