How To Find Unclaimed Money

Jason Garcia
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Posted: September 24, 2021

With over 60 billion dollars in the United States, everyone wants to know how to find unclaimed money. Well, we have good news and bad news. Let’s start with the good news. Finding unclaimed money can be as simple as entering your information into a website. The bad news? It’s normally not so easy to locate and successfully claim.

If you are an Illinois resident lucky enough to qualify for their Money Match program, life is good, however. Money Match sends letters to people to let them know they have unclaimed money. The Illinois State Treasurer used Department of Revenue records to match missing money with its owners. ICash is expanding the program to use Secretary of State records. This will allow them to match unclaimed property to anyone with a driver’s license! Every state should be doing this.

What About The Other States?

In almost every other state in the union, you have to go looking. Each state maintains a website for you to search for unclaimed money. State treasuries and comptrollers are in charge of administering these services. These are not the easiest websites to navigate. Most states claim their sites have the most up-to-date information but with difficult user interfaces and antique web pages, it can be hard to tell.

The other challenge is knowing where to look. If you have ever moved, changed jobs, or had a relative pass, chances are you’ll need to look in multiple states. We suggest searching each state however that is a cumbersome process.

Can Public Record Sites Help?

The internet is full of sites that advertise large databases of unclaimed money from every state. If you are searching for yourself, we still recommend the state sites, no matter how difficult they are to use. Some sites charge a fee in order for you to access the same database your state is providing. They don’t tell you how to find unclaimed money or help you collect. Sometimes, they collect your payment and just send you to the state website! 

Even a free site like is not what it used to be. Missing Money was once the go-to site for searching more than one state but now is difficult to navigate and has outdated information. 

A Better Way To Find Unclaimed Money

Unclaimed Money Discovery has been locating unclaimed money for over a decade. We know how to find unclaimed property and claim your funds successfully. Researchers walk you through the entire process. They help you search, locate supporting documentation, and contact agencies to make sure your unclaimed money search is successful. Nationwide searches make sure we are thorough and locate new claims as they become available. Genealogy research is also used to locate unclaimed money throughout your family tree. Try searching the state sites and contact an expert to be sure you collect everything owed. 


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