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The Best Way To Make Money Online

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The rise of the internet has opened up many opportunities for people to make money online. From freelancing to selling products, the options are endless. However, with so many choices, it can be overwhelming to figure out which path to take. After extensive research, we have found that the best way to make money online […]

The Truth About Unclaimed Savings Bonds

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​​Savings bonds are a type of investment product issued by the US government. You’re lending the government money to earn interest over time. They offer a low-risk investment option with a guaranteed return. This makes them, making them a popular choice if you prioritize safety over high returns. But what if you have unclaimed savings bonds […]

How Long Do You Have To Claim Your Tax Refund?

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The tax-filing deadline is right around the corner, and that can only mean one thing. Soon, you will be sitting down with a mountain of paperwork, crunching the numbers, and hoping for a refund. In the end, you hope everything will work out well and that your long-awaited tax refund will soon be landing in […]

Unclaimed Tax Money and How to Get Your Share

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If you hate dealing with the IRS, you are certainly not alone. Opening the mailbox and finding a letter from the tax agency strikes fear into just about everyone, and the fear of an audit keeps the majority of taxpayers in line. But what if you have unclaimed tax money? There is another side to […]

Need A Side Hustle To Make Money?

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Why Not Become A Money Finder? In a world marked by financial uncertainty and falling stock prices, more and more people are looking for a side hustle to make money. They are driving for ride-sharing services, delivering restaurant meals and groceries to hungry neighbors, and packing orders at local warehouses. If you are looking for […]

How To Become A State Money Finder

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Everything You Need To Know To Be A Money Finder Did you know that billions of dollars in assets go dormant every year and that millions of people across the country don’t know that they have money coming their way? If you have never explored the world of unclaimed property, you owe it to yourself […]

Do This When The Inflation Rate Is High

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High inflation has been in the news a lot lately. The pundits and the politicians are arguing about what caused it and what to do next, but you just want to survive from day to day. If you want to survive and thrive in this environment, here are 7 smart money moves to make when […]

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