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This Research Services Agreement (“Agreement”), executed between Genealogy Research Group Inc. (GRG), a Nevada corporation doing business as Unclaimed Money Discovery, with its principle place of business located at 1810 E. Sahara Avenue, Suite 1487, Las Vegas, NV 89104 or its subsidiaries and the (Client) shall be effective as of.

WHEREAS, Client has contacted GRG directly for additional information and guidance in locating and claiming unclaimed money. GRG is not a locator, tracer, skip tracer, heir finder, collector, investigator or broker contacting Clients to solicit business based on knowledge of existing unclaimed property or historical documents. As such, GRG does not charge Clients a percentage of assets located or require the Client to sign Power of Attorney agreements to be effective.

WHEREAS, GRG possesses a unique and specific understanding of the processes and technologies used in the field of asset recovery, historical document research and provides clients with specialized support, advisory services, alert systems and the ability to identify documents and assets of immediate and extended family members.

GRG shall also provide client with information and processes to avoid the escheating of their abandoned property and displaced documents.

AND WHEREAS, Client retains GRG to provide Research Services, as listed in Appendix A, herein.

THEREFORE, IN CONSIDERATION of the mutual promises contained herein, and other sufficient consideration, hereby acknowledged by all parties, GRG and Client agree as follows:


  • (a) GRG shall perform services, as set forth in (A) of Appendix A. Said services shall be performed on an “as-is” and on an “as-available” basis.
  • (b) GRG will facilitate the delivery of historical documents and abandoned property personally or by email to Client
  • (c) Client shall provide GRG with required data and authorization, enabling the delivery of Services defined in Appendix A.
  • (d) Client represents and warrants that:
    • (i) It has the right to disclose information pursuant to the terms of this Agreement
    • (ii) Information provided to GRG shall be accurate and complete
    • (iii) GRG shall have the right to use Client information for research activities


If for any reason Client is not satisfied with the services rendered and/or simply would like to cancel the search profile created on their behalf; GRG shall issue a full refund of the service fee.


All information made available to either party, including but not limited to oral, written or electronic media and is expressly identified as “confidential”, shall be considered “Confidential Information.” Additionally, all customer information shall be considered Confidential Information. Confidential Information shall not be transferred to any third party, nor made public, and may only be used for the benefit of Client. Any alternative use of Confidential Information is prohibited, unless expressly authorized by Client.


The primary term shall commence as of the effective date of this agreement and extend for 12 months. Upon lapsing of the Primary Term, the parties may agree upon a formal extension for a fixed duration. Failure to execute a formal extension shall not result in automatic termination of this agreement and release the parties from the obligations and duties within. Rather, if both parties intend to continue servicing beyond the Primary Term, this agreement along with all terms, provisions and obligations included within shall continue to bind the parties and will be automatically extended until either a formal extension or proper termination is executed between parties.


(a) GRG may terminate this agreement, with or without cause, conditioned upon the delivery of written notice to Client.

(b) Client may terminate this agreement at any time by requesting cancellation at 1.800.985.5101 or by written request to customercare@unclaimedmoneydiscovery.com


Each party agrees to indemnify, defend hold harmless the other party and such other party’s third party providers, contractors, agents, officers, directors, employees and affiliates from and against any and all claims, costs, damages, liabilities, losses, or expenses, including without limitation, reasonable attorney’s fees, that arise out of or result from the indemnifying party’s breach of this Agreement or the indemnifying party’s gross negligence or willful misconduct.


This Agreement and Appendices attached contain the entire Agreement between the parties respect to the matters covered herein. No other Agreements, representations, warranties or other matters, oral or written, purportedly agreed to or represented by or on behalf of GRG by any of its salesmen, personnel or agents, or contained in any of its sales materials or brochures, shall be deemed to bind the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof. Merchant acknowledges that it is entering into this Agreement solely on the basis of the agreements of representations contained herein.


All notices in connection with the subject matter covered in this Agreement, including a Notice of Termination, shall be in writing and shall be effective when delivered personally or by email to the party for whom it is intended.


The performance by GRG of Services hereunder shall at all times be subject to delay and/or extension on account of circumstances beyond the control of GRG, including without limitation the unavailability of computer time and any sickness or other unavailability of any of GRG’s research agents.


This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Nevada, County of Clark, without regard to its conflicts of law’s provisions. Each of the parties hear by irrevocably agrees to comply with all applicable federal, state and municipal laws, rules, regulations and ordinances governing or relating to privacy rights in connection with the information delivered or received in connection with the Service and in the performance of obligations under this Agreement. This service has not been approved or endorsed by any governmental agency and is not being made by an agency of the government.



  • (a) When Client contacts us and provides information regarding the person(s) they would like historical document and abandoned property research conducted, GRG will use its proprietary system to create a Search Profile.
  • (b) GRG will utilize Client’s Search Profile to research public and private databases to locate historical documents (i.e. Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates, Obituaries, Immigration Travel, Passports, Military Records etc.) and abandoned property (i.e. savings and checking accounts, stocks, refunds, insurance policies, utility security deposits, payroll etc.)
  • (c) Documents located will be sent directly to the Client via their chosen method, either personally or by email. Agents will continue to aid in identifying additional documents and facilitating unclaimed asset reimbursements for the person(s) contained in the Client’s search profile.


  • (a) Basic Registration Fee: $29.95.
  • (b) Initial Processing Fee: $5.00.
  • (c) Genealogy Service Fee: $39.95 per Quarter (Optional)
  • (d) Priority processing, Priority Mailing, and Expansive Search Profiles will be charged on a per client basis.


Upon the request of Client, GRG may undertake, at its sole discretion, to perform services which add to or extend beyond the Scope of Services designated. In such event, GRG may take all reasonable action and expend reasonable amounts of time in accordance with Clients request for such services. The performance of GRG of such additional or other services shall be governed by the terms and provisions of this Agreement.


The undersigned Client affirms that Client has read and knows the contents thereof. Client certifies they have accurately represented their identity as well as their relationship with the person(s) added to their search profile. GRG will provide client the source, nature, and value of any unclaimed property located as permitted by the State Treasurer, Comptroller, or Unclaimed Property Administrator. Completed claims are to be submitted directly to the aforementioned entity.

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