Texas Unclaimed Money

How do you find unclaimed money in the Lone Star State? You start your search with this free guide. Follow these steps to locate abandoned property, lost funds, and other valuables held by the Texas State Controller's Office.


Property Returned

In 2020, Claim It Texas.org returned $300 million in unclaimed property to more than 777,000 residents


Property Held

The Texas State Controller’s office is currently holding over $5 billion in cash and other valuables


Average Claim

The average claim in Texas is almost $400 and comes from forgotten utility deposits, payroll checks, and dormant bank accounts.

The Government Is Holding Over $60 Billion In Unclaimed Money

The Government May Be Holding Over $60 Billion In Unclaimed Money

All across the country, state and federal institutions are holding property that rightfully belongs to you. As they become more aggressive at collecting money and less effective at returning it, the amount these institutions hold has continued to balloon. Asset Recovery Specialists at Genealogy Research Group will search nationwide to collect the most money possible for you and your family tree.

1 Search

Asset Recovery Specialists search public and private databases to locate unclaimed property in all of its various locations

2 Locate

With over a decade of experience, our resourcefulness has led to a high success rate for the claims we submit

3 Claim

Whether providing additional documents or resolving an identification issue, we are with you every step of the way

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